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Awarded in 2013 by the European Commission, the city of Pistoia has many places of artistic and cultural interest, but also moments of festivity and recreation


Just outside the city you can enjoy spaces dedicated to the green and nature, the ski resort of Abetone and the famous town of Collodi 


Pistoia is also nicely located for easy access to cities such as Montecatini, Florence, Lucca, Pisa and Siena

Nearby attractions

Old Town 


The historical significance of the city is still visible through the monuments and the buildings of the old town. 

The strategic position of Pistoia, central waypoint for trades by land, used to grant fame to the city


In a few steps you can visit more than 20 churches and a dozen of museums 


Every Wednesday and Saturday morning you can enjoy shopping at the town market

Pistoia and Nature 


Always known as the City of plants, Pistoia is by more than a century at the world top in terms of botany, largely thanks to the efforts of Mati Piante, which also offers specialized guides for all fans 


Villone Puccini offers the largest park in the city, great for running, walking and admiring the distinctive little temple at the center of its lake 


Open for almost 50 years, the Zoo of Pistoia is a tourist destination renowned all over Italy, and our guests also receive a discount on the ticket price! 


In San Marcello Pistoiese is also an observatory, perfect for spending an evening admiring the stars, away from the noise of the city

Sports and Leisure 


If you want to have fun in July, you cannot miss the Pistoia Blues Festival, but also during the rest of the year, there are plenty of activities


Cabaret, theater and especially music every weekend at H2NO, which has free entry


Great sports activity at the sports hall, at Hidron spa and at the Equestrian Centre. Heading towards Quarrata you can find golf courses and gym Karate Dojo Ryu.

In Montecatini many other opportunities for entertainment can be found, including a great track for Go Kart, while Abetone is the largest ski resort in Tuscany

Nearby Cities 


Pistoia may be a small city, but it's located in a strategic position and major cities like Florence, Lucca, Pisa and Siena, can be reached quickly and with extreme comfort 


Even closer, you can find the city of Montecatini known for its thermal baths, as well as various other local attractions, and Collodi, famous throughout the world for the tale of Pinocchio, to whom the city park is dedicated

Popular events 


Lots of events are held in Pistoia in the summer time. 


During the month of July, the entire city flourishes with medieval character festivities, such as the Joust of the Bear, in which every part of the city contend for the podium 


But even in the fall and winter seasons you can find many festivals with local products and seasonal events such as the original trip by steam train or a visit to the dungeons which extend below the city


And last but not least, il Pinguino, which is just a few steps from villa Magni, and makes the best homemade ice cream of the ciity

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